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The Financial Options are ready for your feedback

The Yukon government is facing financial challenges and earlier this year, established an independent Financial Advisory Panel to develop a series of DRAFT options to ensure Yukon’s healthy financial future.

The options have been prepared, with consideration of the input received from the early engagement process, and are ready for YOUR FEEDBACK.

The draft options are organized into the 5 discussion categories:

  1. Options for Short Term Financial Health
  2. Options for Medium Term Financial Health
  3. Options for Long Term Financial Health
  4. Successfully Implementing the Yukon government’s Four Priorities
  5. Improving Yukon Government Efficiency & Effectiveness

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About this Project

Financial planning is more than dollars and cents. It’s about articulating a plan, a set of priorities and goals for the future and then aligning that with the available fiscal and financial tools and options.

The Government of Yukon has assembled an independent Financial Advisory Panel to provide options for future financial planning. You are invited to provide your input and feedback into the Panel’s work so that the end result is rooted in the values and priorities of Yukoners and aligns with smart financial plans.

This project has two phases. The first early engagement phase occurred between June 14th and July 14th and took place primarily online. It focused on exploring what success of the Yukon government’s four priorities looks and feels like in action, as well as collecting input and feedback that will serve as guiding principles for the development of the Panel’s financial planning options.

During the second phase – STARTING September 12 - members of the Panel will travel to each Yukon community and will offer to meet individually with each First Nation government, each municipal government, and will hold public meetings. The Panel will present its proposed options and will invite Yukoners to discuss the pros, cons, and trade-offs for the various alternatives. This conversation will bring together the technical expertise of the Panel with the lived experience, future hopes, and aspirations of Yukoners.

It is important that people and organizations participate in this engagement process because the Panel will consider public input as it develops its financial planning options.

What's this Conversation all About?

This is a conversation about our future and what we can strive for and achieve in the next five years. Healthy finances and sound financial planning is a critical part of that conversation but it’s a lot more than just dollars and cents. The Yukon government recognizes that it is not just about what government does, but how it does it that is important and therefore established an independent Financial Advisory Panel that will advise on options to return Yukon to a healthy financial position and ensure that it can fund the priorities and goals of the territory.

This process mirrors how families might plan to meet their long-term financial goals. FIRST, you need to know your priorities, SECOND you assess your current state and available options THEN you make choices about how you earn, spend, save and invest.

The Yukon government recognizes its responsibility to involve people affected by decisions in conversations that help shape those decisions, and has requested that the Panel speak with Yukoners, First Nation governments, municipal governments, labour groups, non-governmental organizations and businesses in order to develop financial plans, tools and options to enable Yukon to achieve healthy finances now and in the future.

What Can I Expect?

We want all Yukoners to be a part of the conversation. The Government of Yukon is accountable to you, and it’s important to us that you are engaged in our decision-making.

Starting September 12 and closing October 6th, the Yukon Financial Advisory Panel will share its work and Yukoners will be invited to review the options developed and asked to provide their input on what they see as the pros, cons and trade-offs.

At the conclusion of this engagement, the Panel will submit a report containing its final options to the Government of Yukon. This report will inform future Yukon government financial planning and will support Yukon as it returns its finances to a healthy position while implementing its priorities in a sustainable manner.

  • Project Manager: Richard Provan
  • Department of Finance, Government of Yukon
  • Phone: 1 (867) 393-6429
  • Cell: 1 (867) 332-1200